behind the works


Atelier Daguerre was created by two artists in 2003, who designed and diligently sold goods until 2012. Their son has undertaken their vision in 2021.

Atelier Daguerre is a family heirloom art company from the The Puget Sound, with the goal of making life timelessly classic. From the dawning decades of the 20th century, sporting, horseback riding, unspoken rules, and war, our designs draw inspiration from French and Anglo culture of the common man of yesterday.


Through a long an arduous journey, navigating the Seattle Central College School of Apparel Design & Development program, Atelier Daguerre pivots from houseware company to lifestyle passion project with debut collection.

Now graduated, Avery Hotaling, son of Abigail Hamilton and Richard Thompson, has released capsule collection 'of The Valley' for the spring/summer season of 2023. This debut collection is a highlight of the stories of women from the bible, in order to help women see themselves in significant historical roles. This collection is also a testament to collaboration and the efforts of many people who helped put this project together, whom it would be impossible to have completed without.

Namely, credits go out to the following artisans:

Richard Thompson - set design/display booth

Kate Yelkovan - photography            

Evangeline Marcus - modeling                           

Tanya Knannlein - creative input               

          Scott Moy - technical input         

Fauntleroy UCC - setting